New Year, New Projects

So many new things going into the Etsy store this week, finally!  We had so many custom orders in late 2014 that we couldn’t get anything else done.  Now there’s time to try out new methods, a new sewing machine (life changing!!!) and get back to designing and creating new ideas.

Check out these sweet snack and wet bags for kids.  Made from a PUL fabric, they are waterproof and come in great patterns.  We’ve been experiementing with the fabric and these are some of our favourite things to make.  Replace your snack size baggies with the cute little reusable bags.  They are easy to wipe clean and can get tossed in the sink with dishes if needed.

PUL Snack and Wet Bags

PUL Snack and Wet Bags

The wetbags are my fave though.  There’s one in our diaper bag for dirty clothes all the time and a bigger one for swimming lessons.  They keep the wet (and messes if need be!) away from anything else in the diaper bag.   Just zip it shut and you can dump the whole bag out into the washer when you get home.  They’ll be up in the Etsy store tomorrow, I’ll add a link then



New fabric = heaven for a sewing fan!

Recently I found new, baby friendly, waterproof fabrics at my fave store. Where were they a year ago! Now that I’ve tried them out I’m in love. It’s not white plastic stuff, but nicely made and with some clever patterns.

One of my favourite uses for the waterproof (I’m leaning towards calling it resistant rather than proof) fabric is wet bags and snack bags for kids. But I had a request for a nursing pillow cover and thought I’d try this out for one. Rather than soaking up milk and spit up like a cotton cover, it repels the spill and can be wiped away. Way easier than washing your nursing pillow or cover every week. And how cute are those pirates???


Look for them in the Etsy shop soon, as well as other new bits and bobs

Baby Shower Favours

Are you about to hear the pitter patter of little feet? Our Pitter Patter cookies are perfect for baby showers and christenings. They are available by the dozen, as a set or individually wrapped for favours for your guests.
Most importantly, they are delicious! We sent some to a shower this past weekend and the main complaint was that they were disappearing when they got near anyone’s mouth 😉


Contact us at for cookies for your special event. So many other shapes and options are available

Custom Pet Beds

If you’re fortunate enough to not share your bed with your four legged companion, I hope you’re at least treating them to a cozy night’s sleep on their own bed. 
We are now designing and making beds for your best friends, available on Etsy.
They are foam cushions, cut to your preferred size, and covered with adorable zippered cases. The fabrics are all upholstery weight, 100% cotton and machine washable. 
Don’t see a fabric you like? Take a look at Tonic Living and Designer Fabrics for some ideas. We can order in something just for you to match your decor, just pop us an email


Cowboy and Cowgirl Party Ideas

Cowboy and Cowgirl Party Ideas

Did you see our posts on twitter this weekend about the Cowboy party we created decorations and invites for? 

The kids loved the cowboy hat shaped crayons and chocolates in their treat bags, cowboy hats and the ‘WANTED’ poster they could get their photo taken with.  We’ve made it easy for you to plan a Cowboy, Cowgirl or Rodeo theme party with our party set up on Etsy.  Check out the other additional options to make your party a hit!

Custom Headboard, Bedside Tables and Duvet Cover

Custom Headboard, Bedside Tables and Duvet Cover

What a quick, easy refresh for this master bedroom. It’s a tight squeeze in there, and the homeowners have never thought to have a headboard in a small space.
We used 1/2″ plywood wrapped in layers of fibrefill so it wasn’t too thick and didn’t shrink the room at all. We painted the bedside tables and added new knobs that were a steal at $.50 each! With almost a meter of leftover fabric from the duvet, we were able to make two extra pillowcases to add extra pillows and depth to the bed without stealing any space from the room.
Do you have a custom project in mind? Contact us at for quotes and more examples of our work

What’s Butterpot Up To These Days?

The short answer? Lots!

We offer quite the range of services at Butterpot, a real ‘jack of all trades’ when it comes to creative and design work.

Over the winter we gained a few new clients in our graphic design / communications portfolio. We’ve done some super exciting new work that we can’t wait to share with you.

The Etsy shop has several items in stock, and we’ve been testing out some new techniques and ideas the last few months. Summer makes knitting less enticing, no one wants a lap fill of wool in 30 degree heat so we’re excited to put them up for sale!

In the last couple of months we’ve launched a new part of Butterpot, home baked goods and treats. Our ‘luck of the irish’ cookies were a big hit and we’ve got cakes to make for the next couple of weeks.


Luck of the Irish cookies

For updates from us, photos of current projects as they are happening and more, follow us on Twitter now @butterpotdesign!

Gifts for Future Sports Fans

Gifts for Future Sports Fans

Ever wonder what to get a future parent who isn’t having a shower, hasn’t registered or is asking for really, really, expensive stuff?
Try something handmade. Handmade gifts are fun and unique, like a baby blanket in mom or dad’s favourite teams colours. Half and half perhaps if they like rival teams 😉
I know knitting this Montreal Canadians tribute, styled to look like a hockey sock, got me into trouble with my anti-Montreal other half.
I’ve done baseball teams, football and proper football (soccer) club colours for all sorts of different fans. They’re even a great gift for mum to give to dad or grandparents to announce that another fan will be joining them soon!
If you order a blanket through Etsy, I can customize it to mom and dad’s favourite team colours, including retro and alternate jersey colour combinations.

What happens when I sell something?

First I get excited and have a WOOHOO! moment. Then I get a little bit sad. I feel a sense of pride with everything I make and generally get attached. Every blanket I make, item I sew or chair I refurbish is my favourite as soon as I finish it. I’ve put a bit of myself into it.

Today I sold the brown on brown chair that is pictured.  I love this chair.  The detail that came out in the woodwork when I sanded it down and stained it was beautiful.  It’s going to its new home at someone’s cottage and they’ll love it, but I may always love it a bit more.Both-chairs