Oh, The Places You’ll Go

We’ve played with some different travel quotes or inspirations on our maps to see what looks good and what people like.  Rule #1 – it can’t be very long or there’s more text than map.  That’s hard, there are a lot of good travel quotes out there but most are lovely and long.

Blue with grey frame 4

One we’ve used recently was for a map for a nursery, and we’ve done a few now – ‘Oh, The Places I’ll Go’.  It’s a nice gift alongside a copy of the Dr. Seuss favourite, Oh, The Places You’ll Go for a tot with parents who have plans to travel with their child.  We’ve customised them with the Master / Misses names and birthdates (even year if you’re giving the gift before baby arrives).

Of course they are available on Etsy, we’re doing up a few samples for the MakerExpo and Etsy Made in Canada events so there should be some more photos soon too.


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