New Year, New Projects

So many new things going into the Etsy store this week, finally!  We had so many custom orders in late 2014 that we couldn’t get anything else done.  Now there’s time to try out new methods, a new sewing machine (life changing!!!) and get back to designing and creating new ideas.

Check out these sweet snack and wet bags for kids.  Made from a PUL fabric, they are waterproof and come in great patterns.  We’ve been experiementing with the fabric and these are some of our favourite things to make.  Replace your snack size baggies with the cute little reusable bags.  They are easy to wipe clean and can get tossed in the sink with dishes if needed.

PUL Snack and Wet Bags

PUL Snack and Wet Bags

The wetbags are my fave though.  There’s one in our diaper bag for dirty clothes all the time and a bigger one for swimming lessons.  They keep the wet (and messes if need be!) away from anything else in the diaper bag.   Just zip it shut and you can dump the whole bag out into the washer when you get home.  They’ll be up in the Etsy store tomorrow, I’ll add a link then



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