Even better Takeoffs and Landings

We said we were constantly tweaking the construction of the airplane map marking pins, and we weren’t lying!  This week we’ve perfected setting the pins in place when we make the planes – no more adhesive holding them on.  They are far sturdier than the previous pins because they’re one piece now.



Takesoffs and Landings

Finishing a batch of miniature airplane map marking pins

Finishing some silver airplane map marking pins

We have been waiting for months (literally) to get these Miniature Airplane Map Marking Pushpins up for sale. We had some briefly in the fall but have been fiddling with them to make them better.  We now make the planes here at the studio, and then fashion them into map marking pins.  We are constantly improving the process to make them more durable.  It doesn’t matter what colour we try, they look AMAZING!  Today we’re testing out a new UV lamp so we’re not slaves to the sun in the grey winter.  UV Light is needed to cure the resin used to make the planes.

White airplane map marking pins

White plane pins

The pins were originally created as part of a gift for someone.  We’d made a custom travel map, but were not loving any map marking pins we found.  So we made some pins ourselves.  She got cowgirl boots, he got planes, perfect.  And then they lost all of them.  Cool, but we’d printed the legend on the map and it didn’t really work without them.  We’ve become makers of something new, helped by a local artist who created our sweet little silicone molds.

They’re super tiny, the planes themselves are less then 10mm x 10mm, and available in any colour you desire.  We’ve even started selling the maps to go with them.  The map is mounted on cork and batting and framed in your choice of colours.

Available in our Etsy store https://www.etsy.com/ca/shop/ButterpotDesigns?section_id=11866914&ref=shopsection_leftnav_2

New Year, New Projects

So many new things going into the Etsy store this week, finally!  We had so many custom orders in late 2014 that we couldn’t get anything else done.  Now there’s time to try out new methods, a new sewing machine (life changing!!!) and get back to designing and creating new ideas.

Check out these sweet snack and wet bags for kids.  Made from a PUL fabric, they are waterproof and come in great patterns.  We’ve been experiementing with the fabric and these are some of our favourite things to make.  Replace your snack size baggies with the cute little reusable bags.  They are easy to wipe clean and can get tossed in the sink with dishes if needed.

PUL Snack and Wet Bags

PUL Snack and Wet Bags

The wetbags are my fave though.  There’s one in our diaper bag for dirty clothes all the time and a bigger one for swimming lessons.  They keep the wet (and messes if need be!) away from anything else in the diaper bag.   Just zip it shut and you can dump the whole bag out into the washer when you get home.  They’ll be up in the Etsy store tomorrow, I’ll add a link then