Finally some new items on Etsy

Finally some new items on Etsy

We’ve been holidaying and with the little one it required a lot more preparation and unpacking, resettling than we’re used to.  So my work has taken a bit of a back burner. 

Before we left I had started making baby bibs.  I didn’t realize how important these were until I had a little guy.  They aren’t just for eating, in face only the silicon / nylon and rubber ones are good for eating.  These ones are ideal for saving me from doing 15 loads of laundry every week, because they keep him from soaking every shirt I put on within 5 minutes. 

These bibs are made from 100% cotton, and have multiple layers to them so they absorb a lot more drool.  I have several fabrics you can choose from and some pre made options.  The best ones in my opinon are the ones that tie on, they can whip the Velcro ones off pretty easily and the Velcro will get less sticky with time as more fuzz and in our house, dog hair, sneak in.

Head over to our Etsy shop to take a peek and pick your favourite


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