Off topic, naming and shaming poor service

You may be able to tell from some of my posts that we have a new addition to our house this year. We had decided to have photos taken of the three of us.  All the good pictures we have are of one of us holding the baby, we’re never going to have fancy engagement or wedding pictures and we found a great deal on Living Social that included a shoot and prints. Perfect for christmas gifts from Kayla Boyle Photography. 
Icontacted the photographer before buying the voucher to set up a date for photos while he was still quite young, this was back in May. I spent the months leading to August expecting we’d get our pictures taken the first weekend in August. The week before I finally heard from her, she wasn’t available. I offered A bunch of others dates and after a few weeks agreed on one in September. She requires payment in advance for fees to travel to my city (at some point she decided I’d be paying the full fee whether I wanted photos in my city or halfway between her and I, even though she had said half the fee if we met in the middle).. I sent an EMT which she immediately accepted and deposited.
The night before we were to do our photos, a man called and said she had an emergency and would be unable to do the shoot. It has been a month since that call. Emails are not returned, her phone has been set so it will not accept voice mails. 
Living Social eventually gave me a refund, they were unable to contact her either but we’re still out almost $75 in fees from her. I’ve called the number that ‘Dave” called me from and left messages. I posted on her Facebook fan page only to find later that day that not only it disappeared but she had disable others commenting on her page. The page that features comments about being so excited to go shoot a wedding out of town and edited pictures of the wedding, despite not being available due to said emergency and not having access to a computer as her email and voice mail say.

Some people may think it’s not a lot of money, don’t worry about it. It’s the the principle of it, nevermind that I am a mother on a fixed income, and that could by a lot of diapers!I understand that she had an emergency, but I’m not sure she knows the definition of emergency but I don’t think it qualifies anymore after a month.

So anyone looking for a photographer in Toronto, Ontario and surrounding areas, avoid Kayla Boyle Photography. Each day I’m posting this somewhere, twitter, Facebook, here, so people are aware. And in the hopes that someone she knows eventually sees this and encourages her to do the right think and give a mum back her money so she can have photos taken of her family.

Her website
Her FacFacebookebook page


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