Do overs

How often do you tear apart a half made project and start over?
I don’t usually but right now both baby afghans I am knitting have been restarted multiple times. The cute orange, pink and white triangles I’ve been working on for about a month got knotted too many times and started to look a bit gauche


So I’ve doubled the size of the triangles and eliminated the pink for now. I may add a row of it in higher in the blanket so it still matches the nursery it has been designed to match.
I can’t be the only one who does this.
My other half thinks it’s silly to start over when I’ve invested several hours but I want it to be right and match the image I have in my head, especially when I am doing it from my imagination and not a pattern.


One thought on “Do overs

  1. I start over all the time at anytime in the project. Always easier in the beginning of course. I’d rather rip out half or more than end up with something I’d never want or gift. Plus part of the fun of knitting is practicing — then ripping it out and doing it right! 🙂

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