Sanding in the heat

Today’s lesson – don’t sand when it’s humid. Not only does the extra sweat attract more sanding dust but the sandpaper and wood don’t really cooperate.
I’ve got one of two current chair makeovers stained and lacquered, I’m waiting for a piece so I can finish the cushions for a grand reveal


Donations for Ottawa breast feeding event

I was asked last week to donate some items for a raffle at an upcoming event. It’s taking place this weekend in Ottawa, Ontario and is a mass breastfeeding event for mum’s.
What a great idea to help new mums get more comfortable with breastfeeding in public. I was happy to donate two items.l, a nursing cover up and nursing pads.
More info about the event is on Facebook if you live in the Ottawa region and are interested in attending 

Trying something new

I’ve been refinishing furniture for some time for my own home. I’ve always wanted to flop and resell pieces but lacked confidence in my work and not known where to sell it. 
Finally I’ve taken the plunge with two awesome solid wood chairs I picked up that were really inexpensive, and some amazing fabrics. I’ll post pics when I’ve finished each piece.
For now a glimpse of the fabrics. I had a favourite of the two when i ordered them but now they are here I don’t know!
Bodega in Portobello
Drift in Lime
Do you guys have a favourite? I do know I am now addicted to Tonic Living‘s website and all their awesome fabrics.
I’ve sanded and stained one chair, the wood just needs a coat or two of varnish. I’m delayed finishing the cushions while I find more piping. I bought out my local sewing supplier so will be on the lookout on a cross border shopping trip this weekend.

Hooter Hiders

Hooter Hiders

Working with corset boning has proven to be an adventure, it likes the wriggle and slip as you’re trying to sew it into place. I think I’ve gotten the hang of it after making a few ‘hooter hiders’ or breastfeeding covers. I have a couple available in the Etsy shop right now including this awesome pink and orange one I finished this week.

Do overs

How often do you tear apart a half made project and start over?
I don’t usually but right now both baby afghans I am knitting have been restarted multiple times. The cute orange, pink and white triangles I’ve been working on for about a month got knotted too many times and started to look a bit gauche


So I’ve doubled the size of the triangles and eliminated the pink for now. I may add a row of it in higher in the blanket so it still matches the nursery it has been designed to match.
I can’t be the only one who does this.
My other half thinks it’s silly to start over when I’ve invested several hours but I want it to be right and match the image I have in my head, especially when I am doing it from my imagination and not a pattern.