Orange and Pink

With less time to myself these days my knitting time has decreased a lot. I have been knitting a few items to sell, but mainly working on baby blankets. My grandma’s favorite pattern has become one of mine too, but the past couple weeks I’ve undertaken this pattern that is new to me. My gift to new parents and babies is always a hand knit afghan. They are going to receive clothes, toys and books from others but an afghan I’ve made will last a lot longer.
In the past I’ve done blankets to match daddy’s favourite team colours, gender neutral ones, and some from yarn that was handed down from grandma when she couldn’t knit anymore.  The one I’m working on now is to match a little girl’s nursery. I have a couple of months before she should arrive but need to get a move on!



Put A Bird On It


Put A Bird On It

Fans of Portlandia may notice a theme in my creations lately and laugh, it seems I am putting a bird on everything.  Not everything though!  We posted 4 new items in our Etsy store today, some for babies and mums and some just for fun.  Head on over and take a peek, let us know what you think about the newest additions: Bird Throw Pillow in Cream with Pink Wing, Washable Nursing Pads, Nursing Cover (Hooter Hider), and Rosette Pillow Cases

Packing and shipping day

We sent off some custom orders to the UK today, pretty cool for a little Canadian Etsy shop. 
If you ever see anything in our shop and would like to purchase in a different color or pattern just contact us. We love doing custom orders and hunting for just the right paint colour, fabric or yarn to suit your taste or decor.
Now we’re heading back to the sewing machine. Hopefully tomorrow we can take some photos and get new items posted online. We have some knit hats, pillows and nursing covers to add to the shop!
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